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Dear Future Girlfriend,

Dear future wife,

I don’t know where you are in this universe, or when your path

will cross mine. I don’t know how long it’s going to be before we

meet, or when we’ll know it’s meant to be. I don’t know where

we’ll meet, or how we will, but I hope that when I meet you, I

know it’s meant to be. Whenever you come into my presence,

I’ll feel that warmth that I’d never feel with anyone else. I’d

get butterflies whenever someone says your name. Whenever

I’m with you, I’d fall in love with you all over again. I’d love

you more and more each day, and with every breath I take,

it would result in another reason why I love you. I would be

captivated by your beauty, and mesmerized by your personality.

I’d cherish you, you’d be my greatest gift. When I’m with you,

I’d wish I could freeze time, and when you’re gone, fast forward,

until you’re back. I’d love to go on many dates with you. Having

those moments where I get to know you. Where I learn more

about you. Where I grow up with you. I want to have those cute

and romantic dates, the formal ones where we go out to dinner

and we have long serious talks, and ones where we go to the

beach, just to gaze up at the stars, just listening to each other’s

hearts beating, synchronized. No words would even have to be

said to know how both of us felt. I’d love that. And, to be with

someone I loved with all my heart, would mean so much to me

no matter where I am. I’d love to be there through good and bad.

To watch you smile and smile with you, and when you cry, so I

could wipe the tears away. Most importantly, I’d want to be your

best friend first. We’d be so in love we’d never ruin our friendship

we have, but yet, we’re able to make something even more

beautiful of it. By dating, and getting married eventually. We would

still always be the best of friends, but we’d also be more than that.

I’d want to spend the rest of my life with you. Be there no matter

what. Sure, we’d have our tough times, but that’s only normal.

We would know how to pick back up and continue on happier than

ever. I’d never hurt you, or harm you, and I’d always protect you.

Nobody would hurt someone that meant the world to me. I wouldn’t

be able to wait until the day where we would get married. In that

surreal moment, would would be dreaming while awake. This would

not be the ending to our fairytale, but the beginning of our happy

ever after. From then on, we would have that commitment, one

that could not be destroyed. Every obstacle that got in our way

would not be a barrier, it would be a reminder that we’d stick with

each other through difficult times. But together, we would tear

down those barriers, and build a castle. The fantasy of such surrealist

ideas almost seems impossible, but if I meet you, we’d make it a

reality. I’d wake up next to you each morning knowing that I married

an angel. I’d never “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” because

I’d know that there’s no wrong in waking up next to you. We’d travel

a lot! I’d love to have a travel buddy. We would definitely go to

awesome places, and we’ll try new things. I hope you’re okay with

that. We’ll go on our own adventures, and create our journeys.

Laughing and enjoying ourselves. We’d be inseparable. We’d

eventually adopt kids whenever you’re ready to. I’d love to raise

kids with you. We’d watch our kids grow up, and spend our days

growing up as well. We’ll watch our kids graduate, get careers, and

still, we’d be inseparable. I’d love you until my end, and you’d love

me just as much. We’d have a sweet back story on how we got

together that would bring people joy. We’re getting older, but just

because we’d be closer to our end, it doesn’t mean we’d love each

other any less. I’d love you more with each day to come. Another

day would be another reason to love. Even when you’re gone, the

love is always there. I’d love you until the last day of my life. Now

if only I could find you somewhere in this world.. I don’t know

where you are, but I love you already. Once I find you, I’ll never

let you go. You’ll be mine forever. love,me

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